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Wafler Nursery is a family run business since 1962. We specialize in growing fruit trees. Over the years, through innovation and hard work, we have been able to keep your trust in our quality product and to win new customers by that reputation. All of us at Wafler Nursery make it our goal to deliver the highest quality trees possible to our customers.

Now is the time to start thinking about having custom budded trees done for spring 2020. It saves you up to 25% and gets the variety and rootstock that you want. $1.00/tree deposit is all that you need to save up to 25% (depending on quantity ordered). All orders must be in by July 1, 2018, to get the custom budded price. Don’t forget about your replant trees. Think ahead and fill in those spaces with trees/rootstock that you want. Minimum 200 trees. 50 trees per variety/rootstock combination. Only bud wood from Wafler Nursery will be used unless approved by Wafler Nursery.

Our family commitment to quality and reliability continues to be a priority and we are proud of the trees we produce. We try to offer you a wide selection of varieties that will be profitable for you in the future. If you are interested in a variety that is not on our current list, please ask. In many cases, we may be able to get a license for a specific order.

We can only provide trees to U.S.A.
We are not licensed to sell trees to Canada or other countries.