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Pear Varieties

All pears are on OHxF87 and OHxF97 rootstock.  Will be 12-16 feet tall in maturity.

AC™Harrow Crisp PP# 17,843 (HW610 Clvt) - Harrrow Crisp was developed by the Harrow Research Station in Ontario, Canada. This variety ripens the same time as Bartlett with slightly larger sizing. Fruit has a very attractive finish with red blush over smooth, yellow skin and a mild sweet flavor. The tree is hardy, productive and has proven resistance to blight.

AC™Harrow Sweet PP# 9,863 (HW609 Clvt.) - A late season pear developed by the Harrow Research Station in Ontario, Canada. Harrow Sweet ripens approximately three weeks after Bartlett. This variety has shown very good resistance to blight. The fruit size and appearance are similar to that of Bartlett. AC™Harrow Sweet has an attractive blush.

Bartlett (European) - A large, heavy-bearing variety, with excellent quality. Long considered one of the top canning varieties. A favorite for all uses. Its skin is yellow blushed with brownish red, pyriform in shape. Ripens off the tree. Can keep up to 3 months. Ripens mid-August to mid-September. Zone 5-8.

Bosc (European) - The Bosc Pear is medium to large, dark yellow fruit with brownish russeted skin and a long, gourd-shaped neck. It is aromatic, juicy, firm texture, smooth textured and white fleshed with a rich, slightly acid flavor that is great for eating, baking and drying. Can keep up to 6 months Tree is upright, hardy and productive. Ripens early to mid-October. Zone 4-9.

Pear Rootstock Description

OHxF87™ - Part of the Old Home x Farmingdale rootstock series. It is a semi-dwarf root which produces a tree about 65% the size of a standard tree. It is an excellent producer. It is resistant to fire blight and pear decline. Over cropping in the first years should be avoided until the tree is established.

OHxF97 (Old Home x Farmingdale 97) - Standard rootstock for European and Asian pears. Has proven to be more productive than Pyrus communis. Trees will be near standard size. Productive and well anchored. Good candidate for weaker growing Asian Varieties. Resistant to pear decline and fireblight. Hardy and resilient to cold. Zones 4-8.