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B118 - Produces a large, semi-dwarf tree. Does well on all soil types. Is extremely winter hardy.

B9 - A fully dwarfing rootstock only slightly larger than M9 but in most respects similar.  It is very cold hardy, resistant to collar rot, and less fire blight susceptible than M9. Requires a permanent support system. Can tolerate a wide range of soil conditions.

Geneva© 11 - Produces tree slightly larger than M9.  It is moderately resistant to fire blight, wooly apple aphid.  Vigor is comparable to M9 rootstock.

Geneva® 30 - Resistant to fire blight, collar rot, and woolly apple aphid. Considered to be a free standing precocious tree but we recommend temporary staking. It is slightly smaller than the M7. Well anchored. Appears to be suitable for a wide variety of soils.

NIC® 29 - Produces tree slightly larger than M9.  A more vigorous and extensive root system gives the tree slightly extra vigor than the M9. Can tolerate a wide range of soil conditions. Requires a permanent support system.

MM106 - Produces a freestanding tree. Does not require staking. Prefers dry, graveled soil. Is not resistant to fire blight.

MM111- Produces a large, semi-dwarf tree.  Tree is well anchored and does well in a wide variety of soil types.  Recommended for heavy, poorly-drained soils and also where drought conditions occur.

M26 - An early bearer producing good sized fruit.  Considered freestanding, but a temporary stake is recommended.  Subject to Collar rot (Phytophthora) and fire blight, but if planted with the right site conditions, this rootstock is excellent and highly favored.

M7 - Produces a freestanding tree.  It is widely used in the U.S. due to its hardiness and good anchorage.  Does best on deep fertile soils and is resistant to collar rot.  Has a tendency to rootsucker and shouldn't be planted on hardpan.

M9/MM1111/Interstem - Combines the dwarfing effect and early bearing of an M9 interstem piece with the well anchored, collar rot resistant MM111.  Good for less than perfect soil conditions.  Temporary stake recommended.

M9(337) - Produces a fully dwarfed tree with good fruit size. Ideal for high density plantings.  Induces early cropping. Trees are very precocious and can tolerate a wide range of soil conditions. Requires permanent support systems.  May require irrigation if there is not ample soil moisture on site.