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MAIA-SM is a Honeycrisp/Winecrisp cross originating in a seedling lot distributed in 2001.  First fruiting in 2009. It stands out as an early season apple with fall apple qualities. Ripening 7-12 days before Gala, featuring 80-100% bright attractive red color, it has a long harvest window of 14-21 days.  Non-dropping, crispy, sweet. Good storage life of 90 days in common refrigerated storage, refer to the Summer 2020 MAIA newsletter available on the MAIA website for detailed storage studies. It can be managed as a 1 or 2 pick harvest. Challenges include potential overcropping with attendant quality and size loss.  Some watercore is common. Left too long on the tree the flavor changes for the worse. It is an outstanding apple in a harvest window lacking varieties exhibiting 21st century qualities.

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B9, Geneva® 'G.41'


1/2", 1/4", 3/8", 7/16"


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