Wafler Nursery

Our farm’s story begins when Fritz Wafler immigrated to North America. His goal was to work and learn how agriculture was being done in other parts of the world. After falling in love with the country and his wife Lois, whom he had met while working in California, he decided to make his new home in America.

Set on growing Apples, Fritz and Lois settled in Wayne County, one of the most prominent apple growing regions in Country. They purchased an older farm which had just experienced four years poor crop growth and even poorer prices.

Despite the fact that they did not have a lot of money to invest, Fritz building on his interest in the new Malling rootstocks, decided to try grafting trees. Once his trees began to grow and develop, the local neighbors took notice and asked Fritz if he could cultivate trees for them. That was the beginning of the Wafler Nursery.

As the years went by, the farm grew and slowly transitioned away from processing apples and the stone fruit market and focused on high production fresh fruit orchards. When his son Paul took over the farm, there was a massive increase in innovative machinery and farming techniques to make the farm more competitive and productive, while operating as cost effectively as possible. While Paul managed the day to day farm business, Fritz traveled to the most productive growing regions around the world exploring new ideas to share with the local community. It has always been our tradition to experiment with unique and exciting techniques and share what we learn.

During this period, the nursery grew as well. Starting with just two rows of trees in the back field, we now service a wide range of customers all across North America. The family recognized the advantage of growing quality trees for a wide range of markets, including large and small commercial operations, consumer farms, and now direct to homeowners. We treat all of our customers with the same level of respect and attention they expect and deserve.

It is an exciting time to continue our family’s legacy as part of the next generation of leaders. We plan to preserve the family traditions while bringing new ideas to the business so we can better serve our customers and continue to provide the highest quality trees and apples to the markets we serve.

Being orchardist ourselves, we understand the challenges our customers face every day. That is why continually listen and learn new ways to better serve our customers. We sincerely thank all of our customers for their trust and loyalty. We will never take those important qualities for granted.

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