Pollination Guidelines

Wafler Nursery

We recommend for greatest pollinization to plant 2 or more varieties. For larger planting we recommend planting alternating rows. Example: 6 rows variety A, 6 rows variety B. Planting Sets wider than 80 feet of one variety will decrease pollination. Generally when planning your orchard you want to put varieties together that bloom at the same time. For example Early Bloom Varieties with other Early Bloom varieties. The flowers are open at the same time and allow bees to cross pollinate to produce fruit. Another option is to add in crab apple pollinizers to your orchard to pollinate the varieties.

Early Bloom Variety Examples

(Some not all) Empire, Braeburn,  Idared, Dandee Red, Liberty, Lodi

Mid-Season Bloom Variety Examples

(Some not all) Cortland, Zestar!, Gala, Granny Smith, Crispin

Mid to Late Bloom Variety Examples

Golden Delicious, Rosalee, Summerset, Evercrisp, Sweet Zinger, Ludacrisp, Fuji

Late Bloom Variety Examples

(Some not all): Honeycrisp, Roseland Red Honeycrisp, Royal Red Honeycrisp, Co-op 38, Rome, Northern Spy,
Jonastar Jonagold

Do Not Use as a Pollen Source

Jonastar Jonagold and Crispin

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