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In Order of Ripening in New York State

Dandee Red

Dandee Red®

USPP# 16,620

An exceptional early apple withholding ability, flavor and crunch! 80-100% bright, shiny red, looks like a fall apple. Ripens eight days before Paulared. Will hold up to three months in storage. Tip bearer.

Sweet-SM-Sweet Maia ™

USPP# 34,437

MAIA-SM – Sweet Maia™ –is a Honeycrisp/Winecrisp cross. It is an early season variety ripening last week of August in Western New York or 7-12 days before Gala. It has an80-100% bright attractive color and has a long harvest window of 14-21 days, and stores up to four months. Must be a member of MAIA to order.



Ripens late August, Zone 3. Quality apple with nice acid/sugar ratio. Flavorful, good sized fruit, red striped over a cream background. Stores up to 7 weeks in regular storage. Cold hardy. Good resistance to Fire Blight.

Red Ridge Gala

RedRidge™ Gala

AB 1088 cv. PPAF

This Gala is an exciting new introduction from International Plant Management that is almost 100% red blush. It colors very early, and develops into a deep red blush that can’t be beat. It ripens 4-5 days ahead of its’ parent, Brookfield Gala, with the same sweet taste.

Buckeye Prime

Simmons Gala

One of the darkest red and uniform galas on the market. Has some stripe but not as prominent as other galas. Its uniform color can make this a good one pick gala.

BL-14 Gala


BL-14 Gala is a new high color strain of Gala. This was found as a limb sport off of an Ultima Gala tree. The apple is a deep red striping type gala. BL-14 is being looked at for its uniformity in fruit ripening and coloring, which will make for easier harvest management.


Brookfield Gala


Ripens early September. Originated in New Zealand. Has a bold red stripe over its red background. The apples early color permits proper harvest timing. Usually harvested in two pickings for best storage maturity, flavor retention and over all satisfaction

'NY73' PPAF Pink Luster

USPP# 32,702

Matures Early-Mid September. Very large size, firm, crisp & attractive. Mild-flavor. Has very large conic fruit size and a very attractive pink blush(over Green/Yellow ground color)with excellent crisp texture and juiciness.

MAIA12 Summerset®

USPP 29,213

Honeycrisp x Fuji cross. Harvest date is with Honeycrisp. It is an Autumn Apple only. High crispness, sweet/tart flavor with large fruit size and high tree vigor. Colors easier than Honeycrisp. Must be an MAIA member to purchase trees.



An exciting sport of McIntosh that develops a bright, rich red blush with no striping, over virtually all of the surface. It is a true McIntosh and while it starts coloring weeks ahead of any other strain, it ripens with other McIntosh varieties and hangs on the tree longer than any Mac we have seen.

Roseland Red Honeycrisp

Roseland Red® Honeycrisp

Roseland Red™ Honeycrisp is a beautiful red strain of Honeycrisp that colors exceptionally well in the heat and really shines in cooler climates. It has that great Honeycrisp flavor and crunch with a typical Honeycrisp tree.

Royal Red Honeycrisp

Royal Red Honeycrisp®

USPP 22,244

Royal Red Honeycrisp® ripens the same time as standard Honeycrisp. This is a highly colored red strain that maintains the crisp, juicy texture of regular Honeycrisp. The tree can be less vigorous than its parent.

Kudos™ (MN33)

USPP 29,213

Kudos™ is Minnesota Universities newest apple release. This apple is a Honeycrisp x Minnewashta (Zestar!) cross that ripens late September. This apple colors easily and has a sweet crisp flavor. Medium vigor, annual bearing and hardy to zone 4.

Pixie Crunch™

USPP 13,871

Pixie Crunch™ has a crunchy crisp texture. This apple has a sweet flavor with a hint of tartness. It is smaller in size but has a distinct texture and crunch. Harvest from September to October. Long picking window on the tree.



A new apple cultivar from the University of Minnesota. It is a cross between Honeycrisp and Liberty. Produces attractive fruit. It has shown excellent scab tolerance. It is a tart red apple with good storage life. Ripens Mid-September. Hardy to zone 4.

Autumn Crisp

NY674 cv.

Cross between Golden Delicious x Monroe. Ripens mid-late September. Dual purpose variety from the Geneva Research Station. Orange red stripe with yellow background. Non-browning flesh.

CrimsonCrisp® (CO-OP39)


Crimson Crisp® is a 95% deep red medium size apple that ripens midseason around the time of Cortland. The apple has a crisp bite with a tart flavor. The tree is very grower friendly. CrimsonCrisp® is scab-resistant and also shows resistance to cedar apple rust, powdery mildew and fire blight.


A chance seedling discovered in British Columbia, Canada. Ambrosia has a sweet and crisp flavor with a pinkish red color over yellow background. Tree is upright growing and very productive. Fruit ripens early October.

Rising Sun Fuji

Rising Sun Fuji®

Gilmer cv.

An early Fuji selection that ripens five to six weeks ahead of regular Fuji and colors to a beautiful 70-80% bright pinkish-red blush with a brighter, smoother finish than other early Fujis.

Hartencourt Cortland

Ripens in early October. An improved strain coloring to a solid blush. It is considered to be superior to all other Cortland’s.

‘NY56’ Cordera®


Matures Early October. Large size, firm & crisp. Similar to Honeycrisp in appearance. Excellent quality for scab resistant variety. High yielding. Cedar apple rust resistant. Scion vigor is low, similar to Honeycrisp or weaker. Needs to be matched with higher vigor rootstock.


Hardy in zones 4-8. Medium to large, bright, shiny, McIntosh type fruit with 90% red blush. Crisp, juicy, light yellow flesh. Flavor intensifies in storage. Annual bearer. Hardy, vigorous, heavily spurred, productive tree. Resistant to scab, fire blight, mildew, and cedar apple rust. Ripens early October.


Cross between McIntosh x Jersey Black. Ripens late September. Hardy to zone 4. Size and shape like McIntosh. More striped with deeper red coloring. Dark purplish red blush over green background. High quality, all purpose dessert apple. Medium size, vigorous, hardy, spur-type, productive tree. Very resistant to fire blight.

Royal™ Empire

Teeple cv.

Cross Red Delicious x McIntosh. Ripens early October. Hardy to zone 5-8. Good for fresh eating, cider, sauce, cooking and freezing. Excellent flavor and good storage ability. Ripens two weeks after McIntosh.

‘NY109’ PP31,145 Firecracker®

Matures early-mid October. Medium size, very firm & crisp. High in both brix and acid, full flavor & very aromatic. Long storage life. Great for fresh eating, very good quality.

Golden Delicious (Gibson Strain)

Ripens early October. Hardy to zone 5. Most russet resistant Golden Delicious clone commercially available. Smoother finish than regular Golden Delicious. Good size, firmness and flavor. Good keeper. Vigorous productive tree.


Freedom is a large bright red apple with a yellow background. The apple is a great multipurpose apple for eating, cooking or cider. The fruit ripens mid-season with Red Delicious. Stores until January. Freedom is highly resistant to scab, and moderately resistant to mildew and fire blight.

Galarina™ (X-4982 CLTV.)

Galarina™ is a Gala type highly scab resistant apple. Matures in October along with Empire. The apple hangs on the tree very well and shows little stem cracking even after harvest date. The fruit is very crisp and sweet and stores in regular storage for 4 months. The tree is vigorous and more hardy than gala. Galarina™ also shows high resistance to powdery mildew.

Chrisolyn Jonathan

Chrisolyn™ Jonathan

USPP# 21,300

A striped red Jonathan that originated in Missouri. It maintains its bright, bold, striping as it matures and finishes to a cherry red color. Has crisp flesh and excellent storage characteristics.

Jonastar ® Jonagold

PP #20,590

A striped red Jonathan that is a relative of “Jonagold” with the same reliable quality, but with bright red, large apples, and tangy, juicy yellow-white flesh. This apple tree is an exciting full red variety that is virtually 100% red six to eight weeks before maturity.

Crispin (Mutsu)

Golden Delicious x Indo. Ripens early to mid-October. Hardiness zone 4-8. Large, round, yellow fruit. Sweet flavor. Excellent for eating, sauces, baking, salads, and pies. Large, spreading, vigorous tree; annual, early producer. Triploid.

Pink Lady® Barnsby

USPP# 21,606

Matures 3-4 weeks earlier than the standard Cripps Pink variety of Pink Lady. This is a benefit for growers concerned about harvesting Pink Lady apples too late and exposing them to freezes. In addition, the Barnsby doesn’t need to be stored before shipping, as other Pink Lady varieties need be.

MAIA11 Rosalee®

USPP# 24,579

MAIA11 harvests 2 weeks after Golden Delicious. MAIA11 apples that meet quality requirements will be marketed as Rosalee®. MAIA11 fruit has a clean, floral taste with spectacular texture. The parents of MAIA11 are Honeycrisp & Fuji. Must be a MAIA member to purchase trees.

Fuji Supreme™

USPP# 17,914

Standard Fuji ripening time which is the same time as Sun-Fuji. Variety is a heavy coloring stripe selection. Typical Fuji issues are blind wood and bi-annual production so good horticultural practices must be in place in order to reduce this as much as possible.

MAIA-Z Sweet Zinger

USPP# 30,059

Gold Rush x Sweet 16 cross. Harvest date is 2 weeks after Golden Delicious. It is a long keeper with high crispness and a sweet/tart flavor. The fruit is large and the tree vigor is medium. Must be an MAIA member to purchase trees.

MAIA-L Ludacrisp®

USPP# 30,472

Open pollinated Honeycrisp. The harvest date is three weeks after Golden Delicious. It is a longer keeper with high crispness, and has tropical fruit tones. The fruit size is large and the tree vigor is high. Must be a MAIA member to purchase trees.

Story ® Inored

Spreading growth habit with low to average vigor. Flowering period is the same as Golden. Harvest is 15days after Golden. Good productivity, precocious, good distribution of crop load, and no pre-harvest drop. Story® is resistant to common strains of scab. The fruit is very attractive. It is bi-color with a dark shiny red overcolor that covers 3/4 of the apple.

Winecrisp™ (CO-OP 31)

PP #20,437

Wine crisp™ is a medium size red apple with small tan lenticels. The tree is moderately vigorous with no blind wood. The fruit is firm and mild and stores very well for up to 9 months. The apple is not prone to early fruit drop. Winecrisp™ is immune to scab, and moderately resistant to cedar apple rust, and mildew.

Enterprise™ (CO-OP 30)

Enterprise™ is a large deep red apple with a yellow background. The fruit ripens in late October and its full flavor develops after a month or two in storage. The tree is vigorous. Enterprise™ is immune to scab, highly resistant to fire blight and cedar apple rust, and moderately resistant to mildew.

Goldrush (CO-OP 38)

Golden Delicious x Co-17. Ripens in late October. Disease resistant, late harvesting yellow apple. Flesh is hard, very crisp. Stays crisp for months in storage with flavor mellowing from tart to tart-sweet. Spur type upright tree.

MAIA Mitchell-Evercrisp®

This is a new high color sport off of Maia 1. This Sport was found by Bill Pitts in Wafler Farms Orchards. It was noticed because of how much earlier it had developed color compared to the orchard when summer pruning. This apple has all the great flavor and storability as Maia 1. Apples will still be marketed as Evercrisp® if they meet the quality standards. Must be a MAIA member to purchase trees.

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