Wafler Nursery

We guarantee our trees to be shipped in good condition and to grow if properly cared for upon receipt, as well as properly planted and maintained in a suitable environment. Should our trees fail to grow, Wafler Farms, Inc. holds the option to replace them free of charge or refund your purchase price upon notification.

1. Within 5 days of delivery- claims must be filed for visible defects affecting the plant material. Including shortages and size of plants.

2. Nursery must be notified by July 1st of planting year for any claims of plant not starting to grow. 

We cannot be responsible for your losses caused by act of God, improper planting, neglect, disease, insect injury, frost, or other causes which are beyond our control. We do not recommend submerging of tree roots in water for long period of time before planting.

We guarantee our trees to be true to name. Should any stock prove otherwise and we are notified within 3 years of date of planting, we will replace them without charge, or at our option, refund the purchase price.

Do not store trees with apples or in storage rooms that have not been completely ventilated of Ethylene Gas. Warranty is void if trees are exposed to Ethylene Gas.

Purchaser is responsible for proper care and maintenance of trees including, but not limited to, protection and storage before planting and proper planting on a suitable and prepared site. Trees should be watered at time of planting and additionally as needed. Weeds should be kept away from trees and trees should be protected from animals, insects and disease. Warranty is void if manure, fertilizer, or similar material is placed in the hole with the tree roots.

Our liability under the above warranty shall be limited to the original price of the trees. In no event shall Wafler Farms, Inc. be liable for indirect or consequential damage, whether or not resulting from or caused by negligence of the nursery. Wafler Farms, Inc. makes no other warranties either expressed or implied including, but not limited to, the merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

We want you to be satisfied. If your trees are not doing well, please notify us at once. We can often suggest ways to correct the problem.

Our Commitment to Quality

Scion Wood Selection & Trueness to Name

We take great care in our scion wood selection for budding to produce trees that are true to name and good representatives of the strain or variety. Nearly all of our wood comes from selected bearing trees or from our proven scion orchard. We inspect all nursery trees prior to harvest for trueness to name.

Color Coding

All bundles of trees (10/bundle) are labeled with the names of variety and rootstock. All of our trees are color coded for both variety and rootstock. This makes it easy to identify individual trees as well.


Our trees are stored in our climate controlled refrigerated cold storage. We are able to ship to our warmer climate customers when they need their stock. Our trees stay dormant in storage until you are ready for them, insuring you the best start for your trees.


Our trees are grown using the latest integrated pest management techniques. We monitor our nursery several times a week for pest and disease problems. We irrigate as needed to ensure strong growing trees.

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