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Thank you to all of our customers for another great year!

Check back in July/August for Spring 2024 inventory. We are still taking custom orders for spring 2025 – must be a minimum order of 50 trees total; 25 per variety.


Request to reserve trees

Please note – INVENTORY IS NOT LIVE.  Once we receive your request, we will check our stock and confirm availability.  If you are looking for more trees than what we show available put a note in the comments and we will put you on a wait list.

In order to reserve trees, please follow the following steps:

  1. Increase the quantity fields for desired trees to the number of each you would like.
  2. Hit “Update Quote” for each desired tree in order to save it to your quote.

Once your selections are complete, head over to our order page to complete your quote.

Order Page


Image Variety Rootstock Size Stock Requested Qty. Quote
Wire Clip Metal Pole Clip #1 Box/500
Wire Clip Metal Pole Clip #2 Box/500
Mouse Guards Mouse Guards Sold in Lots of 5
Pica 2 Pruners Pica 1 Pruner Single
Pica 2 Pruners Pica 2 Pruner Single
Pica 3 Pruners Pica 3 Pruner Single
Plastic Tree Tubing Plastic Tie Tubing – 3 mm/~425′ Roll; Bag/10 rolls
Plastic Tree Tubing Plastic Tie Tubing – 4 mm/~918′ Roll; Bag/10 rolls
Plastic Tree Tubing Plastic Tie Tubing – 6 mm/~505′ Roll; Bag/10 rolls
Rema Clip – 175 mm/#2 Bag/500
Tree Fix Tree Fix – 11 cm/4.3″ Bag/1230
Tree Fix Tree Fix – 16 cm/6.3″ Bag/1070
Tree Fix Tree Fix – 8 cm/3.15″ Bag/2200
Wire Clip Wire Clip Plantfix 70 box

Ready to Order?

If you have completed making your selections, head over to the order page to submit your quote.

Order Page

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