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Tree Fix

Tree Fix

Tying & Training Solution

Made from a long-lasting synthetic rubber, especially for the fruit industry. It will grow with the tree. It is quick and easy to install. It is elastic so there is no annual re-adjustment. Strong enough to hold the load. Designed to last the life of the tree.

Branches to wire, conduit or bamboo:
8 cm/3.15" long | Approx. 2200/bag

Trees to conduit. Fasten conduit or bamboo to wire:
11 cm/4.3" long | Approx. 1230/bag

Trees to conduit or bamboo or tree trunks to wire:
16 cm/6.30" long | Approx. 1070/bag

5 kg bags - $147.00/bag

Pica Pruners

Pica Pruners

Proven Swiss Quality Hand Pruner

Lightweight yet rugged; fits well into the palm of your hand for all day use. A unique hooked end helps to hold and cut branches. We carry the Pica 1, with a high-quality forged blade like the original Pica pruner but with the improved spring and updated handle of Pica 2. We carry parts for all of the pruners, even the original Pica 1. Pica 2 pruners have replaceable blades and hooks; Pica 3 pruners have only replaceable blades.

PICA 1 pruner - $94.95 ea.
PICA 2 pruner - $75.20 ea.
PICA 3 pruner - $66.70 ea.
Quantity discounts for 3+ pruners

Replacement Parts:
Pica 2/3 blade - $15.10 ea.
Pica 2 hook - $18.25 ea.
Pica 1/2/3 spring - $4.25 ea.
Pica 1/2/3 latch set - $6.60 ea.
Nut & Bolt set - $7.50 ea.

Stake/Trellis Clips Stabfix

Stake/Trellis Clips Stabfix

Metal Pole Clips

Wire clips to hold metal conduit stake or bamboo to a wire. Clip will not slide on the wire. Use with most wire gauges.

Metal Pole Clip #1 (Use with 1/2" poles)
500/box - $46.50

Metal Pole Clip #2 (Use with 3/4" poles)
500/box - $55.75

Mouse Guards

Mouse Guards

Protect Young Trees

Spiral plastic mouse guards protect young trees. Wrap-around design is easy to install. Small holes permit air circulation around trees. Approximately 48" long, can be cut in half to make two guards out of one.

Sold in lots of 5 - $1.90 each
*Quantity discounts

Wire Clip

Wire Clip Plantfix 70

Large Metal Clips

A large metal clip for holding the tree to the wire. Approximately 4.5" between where it hooks on wire. Will not slide on the wire.

500 /box - $66.25

Plastic Tie Tubing

Plastic Tie Tubing

Ideal for Holding Trees to Post

Comes in 3 different diameters. Semi-permanent hollow tubing. UV stabilized. Stretches slightly.

Green Tie
3 mm roll (Approximately 425' long) - $7.00/roll
4 mm roll 2kg (Approximately 918' long) - $15.75/roll
6 mm roll 2 kg (Approximately 505' long) - $15.75/roll

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