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Evercrisp Apples

Featured Variety


A cross of Fuji and Honeycrisp, it has a sweet flavor. It is closer to Fuji in resemblance but shares some of Honeycrisp’s texture characteristics.

Brookfield Gala Apples

Featured Variety

Brookfield Gala

Ripens early September. Originated in New Zealand. Has a bold red stripe over its red background. The apples early color permits proper harvest timing. Usually harvested in two pickings for best storage maturity, flavor retention and over all satisfaction.

Honeycrisp Apples

Featured Variety


Ripens mid September. Hardy to zone 3. A crisp and juicy apple with mild sweet flavor. Red colored over a yellow background. Annual bearer. Winter hardy. Low vigor, and can have bitter pit issues.

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Wafler Nursery will continue to deliver on a 60-year tradition and promise of providing customers with the healthiest and highest quality fruit trees in America.

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