Regular Inventory Prices 2021
Tree Size 50+ 100+ 200+ 500+ 1000+ 5,000+ 10,000+
Feather & 3/4″ 12.00 11.31 10.62 9.93 9.24 8.55 7.86
5/8″ 11.39 10.70 10.01 9.32 8.63 7.94 7.25
1/2″ 10.89 10.20 9.50 8.81 8.12 7.43 6.74
7/16″ 10.38 9.69 9.00 8.31 7.62 6.93 6.24
3/8″ 9.87 9.18 8.49 7.80 7.11 6.42 5.73
1/4″ 8.70 8.01 7.32 6.63 5.94 5.25 4.56
Non-Commercial Pricing

2-5 Trees $20.00
6-24 Trees $15.00
25-49 Trees $13.00
Plus Royalties

Custom Ordering

Order now for custom budded trees delivered in 2023. Get the variety you want with the rootstock you want. A 25% deposit is all that is required to hold an order. Final orders for custom budding will be taken July 20, 2021. Please call for more details.

Please check with us on the varieties you want custom budded. If you want to see what varieties we bud, please look under the varieties tab above . We ask that you let us know the varieties you want budded by mid-July the summer the trees are budded.

Additional Rootstock charges:

Add $1.75 for BiBaum® Trees

Add $2.00 for disease resistant Geneva® G.41 and G. 969.

Add $1.00 for disease resistant Geneva® G.11, G.30, G.935.

All royalties are extra.

Custom Order Prices 2023
Tree Size 50+ 100+ 200+ 500+ 1000+ 5,000+ 10,000+
Feather & 3/4″ 11.32 10.64 9.96 9.28 8.60 7.92 7.24
5/8″ 10.72 10.04 9.36 8.68 8.00 7.32 6.64
1/2″ 10.22 9.54 8.86 8.18 7.50 6.82 6.14
7/16″ 9.72 9.04 8.36 7.68 7.00 6.32 5.64
3/8″ 9.22 8.54 7.86 7.18 6.50 5.82 5.14
1/4″ 8.07 7.39 6.71 6.03 5.35 4.67 3.99
Apple Royalties
Bakers Delight® $1.50 Pristine™ $.75
Blondee™ $1.00 Rising Sun® Fuji $1.00
Brookfield® Gala $.60 MAIA11 Rosalee® $1.00
Buckeye Gala® $1.00 RedRidge™ Gala $1.00
Buckeye® Prime Gala $1.00 Roseland Red™ Honeycrisp $1.00
Cameron Select® $.25 Royal Court™ $.60
Chrisolyn® Jonathan $1.00 Royal Red Honeycrisp® $2.00
Crimson® Gala $1.50 RubyMac® $1.25
CrimsonCrisp® $1.35 Rubinstar® Jonagold $.75
Dandee Red™ $1.00 September Wonder® Fuji $1.25
MAIA 1- Evercrisp® $1.00 SnowSweet® $1.00
Franklin $2.00 SunCrisp® $.40
Fuji Supreme® $1.25 Sun Fuji™ $.50
Galarina™ $1.15 MAIA-Z Sweet Zinger® $1.00
Goldrush® $.75 MAIA12 Summerset® $1.00
Jonastar® $1.00 William’s Pride! $.50
Kumeu Crimson® $.80 Zestar!™ $1.00
Kindercrisp $1.25    
MAIA-L Ludacrisp® $1.00    
Pacific Gala® $.75    
Pink Lady Barnsby $2.00    
Pixie Crunch™ $.75    


Deposits & Terms of Sale

A deposit of 25% ($ 25.00 minimum) is required at time of order to confirm order and hold trees. Nursery has the right to charge a higher deposit if nursery deems the variety requested not a favorable selling variety/rootstock combination.   If the deposit is not paid by stated date, the nursery reserves the right to cancel order. If order is cancelled BEFORE NOVEMBER 1ST of the year prior to delivery, the buyer will be refunded in full.  If the buyer cancels order AFTER NOVEMBER 1st of the year prior to delivery, the buyer will only be refunded if the nursery can resell the trees.  Cancellations are not allowed on custom ordered(pre-bud) trees unless approved by nursery.


Buyer agrees to make payment in full on or before delivery unless prior credit arrangements are made, in which event payment shall be due within 30 days of invoice.  A 2% discount on tree invoices only may be taken if paid by check, money order, or cash (not credit card) within 10 days of invoice date.  We accept all major credit cards.


Custom Order Pricing (Pre-Bud Orders) shall apply only if payment terms are met.


Overdue accounts will be charged 1 ½% interest per month (18% annually). 


Tree size confirmed on order may be subject to substitution with corresponding change in price, depending on availability.


Should delivery be prevented or the stock become injured from crop failure, fire, flood, drought, frost, strike or other causes beyond the control of Wafler Farms, Inc., your order shall be void.

Tree Guarantee

We guarantee our trees to be true to name. Should any stock prove otherwise and we are notified during the first fruiting year, we will replace them without charge or at our option, refund the purchase price.

We guarantee our trees to be shipped in good condition and to grow if properly cared for upon receipt, as well as properly planted and maintained in a suitable environment. Should our trees fail to grow, Wafler Farms, Inc holds the option to replace free of charge or refund your purchase price upon notification by August 1st following planting.

We cannot be responsible for your losses caused by an act of God, improper planting, neglect, disease, insect injury, frost or other causes which are beyond our control.

Do not store trees with apples or in storage rooms that have not been completely ventilated of Ethylene Gas. Warranty is void if trees are exposed to Ethylene Gas.

Purchaser is responsible for proper care and maintenance of trees including, but not limited to protection and storage before planting and proper planting on a suitable and prepared site. Trees should be watered at the time of planting and additionally as needed. Weeds should be kept away from trees and trees should be protected from animals, insects. and disease. Warranty is void if manure, fertilizer, or similar material is placed in the hole with the tree roots.

Our liability under the above warranty shall be limited to the original price of the trees. In no event shall Wafler Farms, Inc. be liable for indirect or consequential damage whether or not resulting from or caused by the negligence of the nursery. Wafler Farm, Inc makes no other warranties either expressed or implied including, but not limited to the merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

We want you to be satisfied. If your trees are not doing well, please notify us at once. We can often suggest ways to correct the problem

About Us

Wafler Nursery is a family run business that started in 1962 by Fritz and Lois Wafler. We specialize in growing custom budded apple and pear fruit trees. Our goal at Wafler Nursery is to deliver the highest quality trees possible to our customers.

Over the years, with the addition of new varieties, Wafler Nursery has grown and expanded to include over 200 varieties across multiple rootstocks.

Our family commitment to quality and reliability continues to be a priority and we are proud of the trees we produce. We stay at the forefront of the apple tree industry and provide the most up-to date variety selection to make your farm profitable. If you are interested in a variety that is not on our current list, please ask. In many cases, we may be able to get a license for a specific order. Unfortunately, we are not licensed to sell trees to Canada or other countries at this time.


Inspect trees for possible drying out of roots during transit. We pack our trees carefully for shipping but if damage is detected (i.e. freezing in transit, drying out, breakage) report it to the carrier and call us at once. We may be able to offer some help. If there is frost in the box, close it up again and place it in a cool area where it can warm up very slowly.
For best results, the trees should be planted as soon as possible after receiving. If you have to store them, keep them in a cool or cold (but not freezing) place. Do not store the trees with apples or in any storage that has not been fully aired out to remove ethylene gases. All tree warranties are void if stored near ethylene gases. Inspect them regularly. The roots should be kept moist but not wet and the tops dry. Do not store where mice can get at them.

If buds are just swelling or stretching, plant them out within 1 to 2 days in their final location if possible. If you have 12″ of growth or more, heel the trees ( temporarily plant) them in on the north side of a building or another place where sun will not hit them directly. Shelter them from a lot of wind also. You want the yellowish growth to turn green (2-4 days normally) Plant as soon as they have been acclimated to the light. Take extra care that the roots remain moist all the time.


For a few trees, holes may be dug with a shovel. For a larger number of trees, a tractor powered auger or tree planter is used. Dig the hole large enough so that the roots can be spread out and deep enough so that the tree can be planted leaving the bud union ( the knobby part of the trunk above the roots) out of the ground 3-4″ . Do not dig holes far in advance of planting and don’t plant if water seeps into the bottom of the holes before you get the tree in it -it’s too wet. Do not put anything in the hole except the tree, good soil and water. Fertilizer or manure will burn fragile young roots. Setting the tree upright in the hole, fill it about half full with dirt. Tamp the dirt firmly but gently. Fill the hole with soil all the way and tamp. Trees benefit greatly from a good waterings as soon as planted. In a normal season, 2 good waterings are usually enough. If the first growing season is dry, more will be needed. At planting cut an unbranched tree back to 30-36″above the ground to encourage branching. If the tree is well branched at planting, leave it as it is.


Fruit trees are susceptible to diseases and insects. They will grow better if sprayed. Garden centers or farm supply stores often sell all-purpose sprays that a home orchardist can use. Weeds need to be controlled around the base of the trees to improve tree growth. Trees can be severely damaged by rodents, rabbits and deer. Contact your local extension office for information for both commercial growers and hobbyists.


For the hobbyist, “The Cornell Guide to Growing Fruit at Home” from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY contains information on site, climate, pollination, maintenance and pest control for fruit trees as well as grapes and berries. The link is .

Your state extension service has valuable information for both commercial as well as backyard growers. In New York, a membership in Cornell Cooperative Extension is well worth the money. Check with your local county office and tell them you need information on fruit tree growing so they can get you the right program.

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